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Build the Dreams You Deserve 

At Outscapes, we work hard to exceed your expectations.

Outscapes offers full outdoor building service specializing in boundary wall construction.

We can build you a letterbox, planter box, boundary wall/front fence, retaining walls, and more.


All our boundary walls come with 12 months workmanship warranty and 10 year structural guarantee.


12 Month Warranty on all Workmanship

10 Year Structural Guarantee

Outscapes offers a range of quality services that are fully covered by our 12-month warranty and 10 year guarantee. All work that requires council approval like brick front fence, boundary walls, retaining walls or outdoor structures are built to specification and will be compliant with council requirements. Boundary walls, retaining walls and outdoor structures are designed by a professional designer and structural engineer.

A well-executed front fence can provide you with

  • Front yard privacy - Our boundary walls can reduce the visibility into your home and garden, allowing you comfort to relax within your front fence area. A brick front fence can also reduce noise for homes near busy roads or other sources of noise pollution.

  • Security - A 1.8-meter high brick front fence can act as a deterrent or obstacle for unwelcome guests entering your home helping to give you and your family extra comfort knowing your home is secure.  

  • Safety -  Building a brick front fence will create a safe space within its compound that will allow children and pets to enjoy the outdoor space safely. Our boundary walls also provide protection from impact such as cars due to their solid construction.


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