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Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Brick boundary walls ,man walking
Outscapes Brick front fences

Boundary walls, front fence, privacy fence; these are many variations of the boundaries we use in separating our properties from others. Such reasons include preventing people from spying into our homes, safety, security, and concealment. The fact is, there are several reasons why we build boundary walls around our properties, and for whatever reason, you can choose a type of fence/boundary wall which satisfies your needs.



Family safety
Keep your family safe with a brick front fence

Parents with young children, toddlers, pets, or animals like dogs, cats, etc., will always find the need to keep them safe. Having a boundary wall or boundary fence around your property will always keep them checked in.

The presence of ponds, lakes, or a cliff around your home is another reason to want to install a boundary wall around your home to keep children and animals safe.


Keeping intruders, criminals, and stray animals at bay are another reason for installing boundary walls around our homes. Whether it is to prevent criminals from trespassing on your land, teens, and neighbor’s children from destroying your garden or animals from eating the content of your garden in rural areas. 

Wall boundary builders
Wall boundary builders


Privacy is crucial; it is a factor we keep in mind when we are thinking of purchasing a home. We feel a sense of security; when we know that we ’can’t be seen by onlookers and by installing a boundary fence around our house, we can ensure this doesn’t happen.

For homes with pools also, you might want to install a fence around your pool to ensure you can feel free and relax without worrying about neighbors and prying eyes.

Brick wall with security cameras
Boundary walls provide security


If you have a pool, a garden, or any stand out feature you may want to call attention to in your house, you can create a fence around it. This will help make it noticeable and ensure its visibility to friends visiting or people passing by.

girl pointing
Wall boundary builders


Having a boundary wall is a way of creating the boundaries of your property. People sometimes intrude into other ’persons’ land either knowingly or unknowingly and having a well-defined boundary wall/fence can help in preventing such unwanted situation. 

Great boundary wall
Wall boundary builders


Just because a fence is used for security or protection purposes doesn’t mean it can add to the beauty of your home. Most homeowners, after deciding to add a wall to their homes choose fences that can add to the curb appeal of their homes. This factor is also useful when planning a house resale. This being that the fence is the first visible aspect of your property noticed by potential buyers. It will go a long way in putting the potential buyers in the right frame of mind to view the property and give a better valuation of it when compared to a property without boundary walls/front fence.


Living in a busy street or having noisy neighbors can be quite annoying. The constant noise preventing you and the kids from sleeping can also be quite frustrating. Homeowners in this kind of environment should consider installing fences that can help conceal sounds. This will also benefit people living near concert venues, restaurants, and schools.

Block out the noise build the wall!!


For those who live near partying neighbors with overflowing garbage at their front yard, with a piece of old furniture on the lawn. Or maybe you live next to an ugly house, an archaic sculpture or live next to a monument you never want to be the first thing you see when you wake up. Then erecting a boundary fence to help prevent this sight should be a priority to you as this will help conceal it.

old house
build a boundary wall to hide the neighbours

Whatever your reason for wanting a boundary fence, a lot of reasoning and planning must be put in the process. Different types of fences are available to suit your needs. Fencing is an essential facet of home improvement that will help in providing you with the much-needed comfort, security, and privacy that you need in your home.

If you are interested in installing a fence, visit us at Outscapes. At Outscapes, we work hard to exceed your expectations. Outscapes offers a full outdoor building service specializing in boundary walls construction. Outscapes can build you a single letterbox, modify existing boundary walls / retaining walls, or build a new boundary wall/fence. All our boundary walls come with 12 months warranty. We also help you with getting quick council approval for your boundary wall. All our works are designed by a professional designer and are built to specification.

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